Inside Beauty
Beauty. Few can recognise it in its purest form, in its innermost essence; few can recognize it when it is not flaunted, when it is part of the soul.

With its creations, Romeo Santamaria addresses these few, who know that beauty is born and grows inside, only to blossom on the outside later.

The first advertising campaign, realized by Giovanni Gastel, focuses on the Opera bag, exposing its inner essence, its private and intimate luxury priding on its understatement.

The choice of Giovanni Gastel was neither blind luck nor part of a fad, but an expression of the coherence of Romeo Santamaria’s philosophy.

Mr. Gastel is part of Made in Italy, and is known and appreciated for the quality of its product and as a
spokesperson of soft-spoken luxury.

Inside Beauty is therefore not just a creative concept, but a philosophy guiding every choice.